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Frequently Asked Questions

Does A-1 Quality Concrete Use Rebar Dowels?

A-1 Quality Concrete, Co. places rebar dowels to prevent sinking or shifting of concrete.

Will My New Concrete Crack?

Concrete naturally cracks. A-1 Quality Concrete, Co. will cut control joints and place control joints in the concrete to give the concrete a place to crack.

Does A-1 Quality Concrete Offer Military & Senior Discounts?

Yes! A-1 Concrete is proud to offer both military and senior citizen discounts.

Is A-1 Quality Concrete Insured

Yes. A-1 Concrete is fully insured in the state of Idaho.

Is A-1 Quality Concrete Affordable?

Yes. A-1 Quality Concrete, Co. is partnered with a local concrete ready-mix supplier. Being partnered with a local concrete supplier allows us to give our customers the best concrete prices.

How Thick Will My Concrete Be Poured?

Code is 3 1/2 inches thick for concrete. A-1 Quality Concrete, Co. pours 4" inches thick.